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Week 23- Contrast



Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself though, not a Montague.
What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part 
Belonging to a man. O! be some other name:
What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name;
And for that name, which is no part of thee,
Take all myself.

-William Shakespeare

(Will I Am)  who I will to be.

Tis but thy name and thy chosen thought and feeling that creates the appearance of that which we take to be so.

So real, and yet so illusory. So Malleable.

So impermenantly fixed. Optional. Constantly influenced. Impressed. Changed. By Me. By Mind

How could things ever be “Just So”?

i Accept Full Responsibility and Let the Rest Go…

If I Am unlimited in Power, Through Universal Mind

than so  is every Brother or Sister Alive.

The Good and the Bad are just Contrasts to Learn and Discern.

What We Truly Want Most and How to Experience it With The Least Effort.

Truly, it takes more effort to FAIL or KEEP OURSELVES FROM SUCCEEDING than it does to Just SUCCEED.

“If we Just Wake Up and Follow our Heart,

Our Love Will Start to Create Miracles.”



We are Born Equipped with Eternal Gifts,

Lets Use Them Now!


Do what You Are Designed to Do,

Only you Know The Truth of Your Hearts Deepest Desire.

Altough LOVE covers The Broad Spectrum of Everything it Could be…



cause Subby doesn’t Work on Fuzzy.

Who Are You?

Why are you HERE?

What Do You Want Most?

What Were You Designed To Do?

When will you Be Who You Were Born to Be?



You were Born to Succeed so don’t be Afraid of Failure.


To Thine Ownself Be True.



Week 22- Enter the Silence, Find Your Voice!…




The things we want most and heart desires so strongly will surely unfold if we can beleive and let go of our resistance to them, and our Beleifs of unworthiness to experience them Manifested in Our Current Life! 


this week I am going into the Silence of myself,

and letting go, listening, opening heart to Be Who I truly am.

To discover and Observe the One who is Withen.

Allow Me, I AM to Finally emerge and Embrace the Dawn

with Zealous Enthusiam


It is a Blessing,

an Honor, Exceptional Joy, Excitement.

For I Get to Create! And I Get to Choose!

I Can Be, Do, Experience Anything that I Ask.

Decision is Mine and I will not Waste, Squander my Power, or Give it Away any Longer.

Who Else Can Live as I, Move, Talk, Think, Create As I do….?



Only One.

How Special!

I am A Blessing.


Because I Exist, RIGHT NOW!! And will never Exist again,

exactly as I am, in this exact time and place.

What do I want this to be like?

This Moment.

my Life

i get to choose,

and altough I May be Silent

when I do Nothing, The Seed of Everything



and with focus on development, Growth of an Idea, expansion of energy

Realization of a Desired Goal,

Nothing Can Stop Me!

But Me….

In the Silence This is How I Feel!…

Week 21-Embracing Resistance!



Danger: Quicksand

Danger: Quicksand


If you are feeling stuck,

Let me share a quote that always seemed to help me find my way again:

” The Very Next Thing That You Must Do, Is The That which You Fear The Most”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Why are we afraid?

What are resisting in this moment?

Have you ever heard the saying?

“What you Resist, Persists.”

Meaning, whatever it is you are avoiding is usually the very thing

that will boost your personal Progress and success the Most!

It’ll all fall in place if you Just Let Go!…

-Jason Mraz

“You cannot be chased by something you turn around and face

Indeed, When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

The things we tend to avoid because we think they are scary are the most important thing for us to do and/or look at.

Could our deepest fears realley be the key to our deepest destiny?


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves,

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking

so that other people will not feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It is not just in some of us;

it is in everyone

and as we let our own light shine,

we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,

our presence automatically liberates others.”

-Marianne Williamson


What Are You Holding Back?

What Do You Want and What must you do to make manifest it?

What are you pretending Not to Know?

What if you were already what you want most?

How would you feel, look, act?

What are you Waiting For!

“Pray believing that it is already yours…!”

Now is all there is…

Tomarrow may not be an Option,

Live This Day As if it Were Your Last!

For all we know, it could be..

 “When it Comes to Life we have Only two settings, we either Love Unconditionally or We are Just Hiding, but you can’t do both at once!”



There are two ways to live your life. 

One is as though nothing is a miracle 

and the other is as though everything is a Miracle. 

-Albert Einstein

Week 20- Keep the Faith…

Whenever things seem to get rocky,

a Storms arises,

or the changes are Vast.


Look back at where you’ve come from

and see how far you have come.


Notice your brilliance…

in this moment

Shining a Unique Light

Brighter than ever before.

Who are You?

Beutiful you.

Wonderful You.

Strong You.

One with the Power of the Divine.

The infinite Universal Energy

flowing All around,

Withen and Without us…

A Miricle, Blessing and Dream

we get to be a Part of,

Experience, Enjoy

and Co-Create.


How Many Choose the Road Less Traveled,

or Create a Path where there was none…


Dancing Along

Higher and Higher…

Through every kind of Environment.

Until we Reach the Top,

Look around

and Then Keep Going..


Life Never Ends.


And With this Knowing

What will we do?


Right Now

ceases to exist as soon as we realize it,

and yet something is always coming next.

What will it be…

What will you do…

What would you like…

and Now we are on our way again.

The Heros Journey.

Courageous Adventure.

To Be Love

To Experience Joy!

To Challenge Ourselves…

To Learn, Grow, Teach and Share

and Bring all of Us

(which is ever growing)

to the Realization of Our Dreams.

And our Oneness…


“E Pluribus Unum”


As Strong as the Strongest …

We are


And Together we Climb.




or Crying



or Walking

or Crawling

or Carrying each other…


Step by Step.


But Always Remembering

“It’s about the Journey, Not the Destination”

Travel in Joy.

Expand Your Comfort Zone,

until you can encompass the whole world

in Hug Of Gratitude!

For the Miracle that We Exist!

it’s in our Genes to Succeed!

Beleive in Yourself.

you will get there,

to the Top.

Have Faith


You Can Do more than just Climb Mountains..

You can Move them.

Lets Go!


Week-19 Back to My True Nature


Right now I am swinging in a hammock,

at the edge of a cliff,

where there is nothing below me but forest and trees…

this is what I’ve been waiting for…


Now, I have been on a Retreat for 6 of 7 days and as much as I Love it and want to stay forever I must realize that it is soon coming to an end…

This Wonderful experience is not permanent.

But in my mind, body, soul and spirit it is definitely eternal.


So many things I have done in just six days,

that I would never have done if at home.

Hiking up Steep Mountains for hours, feeling like a sponge being squeezed dry…

climbing higher and higher as each step gets tougher and my legs get so tired that I feel as though I want to fly away and never walk again.

But I am doing it willingly and with a happy heart.

i do this because I want to. Because I Choose to.

And that’s what I promise to remember.


i know why I am going through all this, giving all I’ve got

my every last effort and then some…

  1. I have a goal; to reach the top where a Waterfall waits, which pours out of the top of this mountain and down to the ground below.
  2. To challenge myself, strength, courage, confidence, faith and ability to do what I will to do.
  3. I always keep my promises. I promised


This is is what I traveled all this way for,

to experience everything in the spectrum of emotion and frame it in Love.

To Love Myself and the World that is an extension of me.

I once thought it unlikely to achieve my dreams,

but now I sit in my Yellow Squares Manifestation and just think….

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

and soak in all the feelings of Rising faith, Confidence in myself

Love for Life, and the Peaceful Beauty that enfolds me.


Wow! It’s more than words can describe.

And Subby sees no size,

so to climb a mountain as if it’s no big deal

and wake up tomarrow for more adventure

could defy explanation.


But here I am and Happy as can be!


Sooo Happy.


For what I have held in my heart,

Rocking like a baby for so long

is now rocking me.


And this is just the beginning…


Week 18- The First and Last Day of My Life!



Good Morning,

Today is a New Day!

Today I Begin a New Life,

And I Greet this Day with Love in My Heart.

I Persist Until I Succeed in Accomplishing what I set out to do Today!

I Know I Can Do it Now, Because I Know That I Am

Natures Greatest Miracle, I Can Create Miracles and I Can Be What I Will to Be.

Today is a Profound Blessing to Experience and Is Worth More Than Gold, it is Priceless for Not Even all the Riches in the World Can buy a man One More Day

When his Time has come Leave…

But My Life is a Present, and I will Live It NOW!

And Give Gratitude, Happiness and Joy!

To the Greatest of My Efforts in This Day,

For I Know Tomarrow I May Never have this Chance,

But I Know I have it Now,

So I Will Live Each Day as If it Were My Last.

Because For All I Know,


I Will Live This Day As if It Is My First and Last Day On Earth!


Imagine the Wonder, Curiosity and Awe

We all Felt

as a Newborn Baby Human

In The Very First New Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and even Days of Our

Birthday on This Orbiting Sphere of Green Life

we Call Earth.


How Different Did it Feel?

From Where we are Right Now,

From what we knew,

From What we Desired,


We May Not Have Known Anything.

Who we are, what we are, where we are, how we are

but none of that Mattered….

Especially If We Were Surrounded by Love.

That was all that Was Dreamed of At that Point.

Until We Grew, and Dreamed and Created More Experiences in which to Express Ourselves.

Practice Ideas, Feelings, Thoughts…

We Began to Think!

From the Moment we were Born, Our Mind was Activated and

Immediately began Establishing Synaptic Connections.

in Order to Better Understand Our-Self

Within and Our Surroundings Without.

Why Do We Exist?

This Could Have a Infinite Answer and Reason too Complicated to explain.

or it could be Nothing. Random Chance. Absolutely No Point to Anything Except the Point we Give it.

Now we Learn Universal Laws

Gravity; What goes up must come down

Inertia; An Object in set in Motion will Continue in motion unless stopped

Growth; All things Seek Higher, The Light

attraction; Like attracts Like, What you Give is what you get

Polarity; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, The Existance of what is Wanted and also Unwanted.

And Many More..

Things Happen that we do not understand, but they effect all throughout

the Universe, Just the same.

Including Us.

A Microcosm of the Macrocosm.

a drop in the Ocean, and the Ocean in a Drop.

We are Natures Greatest Miracle,

And Lovable Simply Because we Exist!

We Can Do Things! Here, Today, RIGHT NOW…

How Can This Be?

Wow! We are Magical!


Einstein- There are Two Ways to Live Your Life; One, as if NOTHING is a Miracle.

And Two, as if EVERYTHING is a Miracle. 

This, Coming from a Scientific Genius tells me,

he Obviously Discovered Proof of Our Incredible Being.

What Are We Capable Of?

What Do we Want to Create?

Ford- Wether You Think You Can

Or You Think You Can’t,

Either Way you Are Right.

We Decide.

We Have That Power.

We Can Create, We can Choose, We Can Think

We Can Do, We Can Do, We Can Do…


What the Mind Can Conceive and Beleive (Thought + Feeling)

It Can Achieve.

If We Can Dream it, We Can Do it!

Isnt that Fascinating?


So anything we Imagine, Picturize, Vision…

Literally Can Become Reality,

If we Follow that Dream into Action.

David Alt- I’m Gonna Build My Dock

because my Ship’s Already in, 

and it’s up to me to build my Dreams a Home.

The Dream is there. The Blueprint is Done.

The Hammer, Wood, and Nails are Waiting and

the Joy of Assembly is Our Divine Right and Job.

To Create is Our Destiny!

What will you do with this, (very Possibly) Last Precious Day

which remains in your Keeping?

How Would you Spend Your Final Day on Earth.

What Do You Create Right Now,




Week 17- The Hero’s Journey!


“I’ve Reached The Top!”

 “Okay! Now Help Me.. Owt?”

Wow! So Imagine Every Story You Ever Heard

That was Exciting, Interesting, Full of Courage, Adventure, Wild Hearts

And Freedom.

What Do They All Have in Commen?

It is Something that brings out the Courage in Us,

Calls us to Adventure and Awakens Our Wild Heart.

What is It?


Superhero kid

Its Called “The Hero’S Journey”.

Within Us Is a Roaring Lion, A Vibrant Soul, with Unlimited Potential.

Our Greatest Purpose: To Inspire, Uplift, Help, Serve and Guide Others to Their Own True Greatness, And Hero’s Journey.

Yes!!I Am a Hero!

And You are a Hero too!

Because we are Unique.

Because we have Unlimited, Unstoppable, Unconditional Inner Strength,

Power, Energy, Resources, Ability, Imagination, Oppurtunity…

It Never Ends!

So, The Question is “Who Are You?”


What is Your Truth?

What are the Visions You hold in Your Mind and See in Your Dreams,

That you may or May not Accept as Possible

for You.   Through You.  As You.

Who Else, If Not You

is Going to See these Same Visions,

Makes these Dreams a Reality and Inspire Millions of Other Sleeping Giants

Who All Have Phenomenal Miraculous Potential Of Like Nothing Anyone Else

But Them has Ever Imagined?

You Are a Hero!

But What is a Hero As Me Looks Like Could be

Very Different from The Hero As You,

And Also The Same.

To Me,

A True Hero Is Someone

Who Sets A Good Example For Everyone Else

and Has the Courage to Answer The Call Of The Herald.

The Herald Calls From Within.

It is The Call to Service.

to Help People.

To Make it Our Highest Intention to Give.

It  Crys Out in A Ray of Emotions,

a Voice Unique Profound and Important

And Only We, Each Of Us.

Can Hear That Voice, Within Ourselves.

No One Can Know For Sure If On The Inside if we Are Laughing, Singing, Trembling Or Crying…

No One Feels Your Triumphs…

No One Except You.


It is Designed This Was,

So that The Seed Of Success and Greatness Can Germinate Within us,

No matter How Long it Takes!


We need the Darkness and The Pressure.

The Stimulation of Running feet tells Grass to Grow Stronger,

The Droughts inform it Drink Well in The Presence of Water.

The Warmth of the Sun Nourishes It Through its Co-creative Process of PhotoSynthesis.

And A Plant is a Hero!

They Are Healers of The People.

Sustainers of Love and Light.


We have Depended on them forever Nourish and Sustain our Bodies.

we Owe Them a lot of Credit, Yet they ask for none.

Except to be Loved, Like all of us.

Without Plants, You Probably Wouldn’t Be Alive.

Our Whole Universe Depends upon eachothers Contribution to Be Strong!

Taking Care of the Planet is By any Standards an Heroic Act.


A Celebration of Gratitude Everyday for

The Glorious, Giving, Abundant Beings and Their Purpose Grounded in Service.

Mother Nature Shows a Shining Example of a Long Forgetten, Yet

Powerful Creative Heroic Force!

Always Existing to Give, Provide for, Serve and Sustain.

All the Many Wonderful Expressions of Light who are growing and Changing upon her Loving Surface.


No Doubt, Every Mother and Every Father is a Hero!

Every Child is Born Knowing they are One.

Those who Protect and Guide the Younger Spirits along the path,

Nurturing their Greatness until One Day,

They Become The Full-Encompassed Hero Themselves!

Hopefully, The First Heros Goal is to Grow a Better and Better Hero Than They Are.

Recognizing We Were Made First Class, By First Class,

it Seems to Go without saying that to Give the Best of Everything

is A Heroic Act of Kindness.


We Are Here to Be Hero’s To Ourselves and Others.

Rescue Your Divine Essence and Shine The Way for

All That You Are and Ever Hope To Be Lies In Your

Hands, and Head and Heart and Feet.

Answer the Call, Change Your Life and Change Others.

That is a True Hero, and One That Changes the World.

By Your Success and Inspiration to Dare.

Be Brave, You CAN DO THIS!

And more…


A SUPERHERO Looks Like You!

you don’t need big muscles, or anything special to help someone.

Kindness in Action is all it takes.

But Who Rescues the Hero?

if they have forgotten their truth.

Sometimes with the Help of Some other

SuperHero Friends,

A little bit of Joy Spreading is Enough!

Be  InSpired By the Greatness In Those you meet,

There is a Hero Within all of us.

Especially You!



Week 17 – Love is a Verb!, it’s Called Kindness…


This week I have been Noticing Kindness and Oppurtunites to give RAKs

(Random Acts of Kindness).

The Profoundness of this Virtue is So Expansive,

it makes me want to sing and dance!

The Beauty Is in the world but Never seen,

if it is overlooked it appears not to be there or exist at all!

How can this be?

So Profound.


The world through a each

Person’s eyes is a different World from person to person.

We live in a Universe of Overlapping Perceptions, all derived from where people have been trained to put their attention.

Some Complain the World is Cruel and Violent.

Others See the Beutiful People and Blessings, Giving, Sharing, Abundance…

There are so many things to be Grateful for, even our challenges.

This week I was tested, each day I have obstacles to overcome

but Hey! I used to build obstacle courses as a child, it was a favorite game of my siblings and I.

One of Skill, One of Triumph, One of Challenge…

the Oppurtunity to prove yourself A Great Dynamo!

And we relished in it.


If we had accomplished what we set out to do.

if not, we kept Trying.

Never would we ever admit defeat, though tempting eachother all the while.

Love is a Mysterious Force.

The Laughing Child, The Nurturing Mother, The Old Man with Flowers to honor his

deceased wife’s memory.

Love is White, Love is Red, Love is Blue,

Love is Kindnes.

Kindness is Love in Action.


Woah! I Just got it, Just now while writing this and you are my witness!

Mom is Always saying “Love is a Verb” and I never understood what she is trying to say.

I mean can’t she see I love her, I do everything for her.

But the truth is, it is not something done that shows love

it is Something Done in Kindness,

that equals and equates to Love in Action.

More than Words,

Kindness is What you Must Do

how you must act to show those you Love

that you care.

How many times do the people we love the most get the short end of he stick because

we live with them everyday and learn to take them for granted?


Nevermore, the Habit of Kindness must Stretch Over my every

thought, word and Deed.

It is my duty, it is my destiny and it is my Purpose.

To help someone is best done by being Kindness.

I Want to be Kind Forever.


This is what I want to Give, and Perhaps people

throughout the Globe may be Living in the World,

Yet Dying from a lack of Kindness.

Kindness to Eachother, Kindness to Ourselves, The Guy in the Glass…

Kindness to Animals,



Kindness to the Plants, The Sky, The Oceans, The Earth, The Sun, The Stars…

we need Kindness, and We Need Love.

If Nothing Else, That alone.

What Can Love Do?


This is what I have read on the door of my mothers bathroom

since  was small and didn’t understand it,

it didn’t stop me

to repeatedly read and memeorize

(Note. Second line)


The Virtue of Human Kindness is Never Overlooked.

Please Join Me,

Give Someone

Hugs Today!